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Top 10 Reasons Staff Leave

My business is helping bosses and business owners to reduce their staff turnover and in turn their staff costs. My intention is to do a free 10-week workshop each week. I will be covering the various reasons that employees leave and giving you some practical solutions that you can use to help with these issues.

The Top 10 reasons that staff leave are;

1. Relationship with the boss.

2. Bored or unchallenged by the work itself

3. Relationship with other co-workers

4. The opportunity or lack of opportunities to use their skills and abilities

5. Contribution of their work to the organisations business goals

6. Autonomy and independence on the job

7. Meaningfulness of the employees job

8. Knowledge about the organisations financial stability

9. Overworked and overwhelmed by the workload

10. Corporate culture


Each workshop is designed to be stand alone and so you do not need to participate in every one in order to achieve success. But, if you want to be notified of each workshop as it is released then please feel free to subscribe to the website www.howmanagementmatters.co.uk

Published in Management Today on 29th November was an article by Stephen Jones entitled ‘The Warning Signs of a Toxic Corporate Culture’. The message being that flexibility, autonomy, caring about people are the markers of a good culture.

Stephen Jones goes on to say that a toxic corporate culture is terrible for productivity. Chronically underappreciated, underperforming staff don’t exactly go hand in hand with world class performance.

Cary Cooper, Alliance Manchester Business School Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health identifies the indicators of a bad culture as excessive levels of sickness and absence, high staff attrition and an inability to attract or retain talent. Once you know what the signs are, here’s how you can fix it.


1. Conduct a wellbeing audit

2. Talk it out

3. Make sure you have the right managers to implement it

Here is the link to subscribe to Management Today if you want to know more https://www.managementtoday.co.uk. 

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