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Jane has genuinely been a great help to me, she cared and had a passion for my personal development.
She looked at what skills I had, what I wanted to do next and set achievable goals to get me there as well as instilling confidence at the same time.
Jane also gave an honest opinion through out my mentoring to enhance my development and came up with proactive ideas to suit my individual needs.
Jane is by far the best leader, mentor, motivator, and empowering manager I have come across in my career, her uplifting and determined nature brings out the best in people and her workforce and in turn achieves results in positive ways.
Jane encouraged and supported me to continue to work and achieve the best I could……..she is always there for a question or support with a smile – plus tells it like it is – so if I needed telling to pull it together, she would tell me.
I would not have been this lucky had it not been for your suggestion and support in the first place. So a massive thank you.
She has a way of making you feel like you matter not only to her as your boss but also to the force and that I think is a great thing for leaders to have. That skill can sometimes be taken for granted when people are just so natural at it but I think it does need to be acknowledged as it makes such a difference to each individual even if they do not realise it. For me she has not only inspired my professionally in the sense of providing enough encouragement and challenge for new things combined with a balance of leaving it to you to run with it so that it is your own work/achievements.

She has inspired me personally to take steps in building up my skills towards management roles and taking on project work. Because of her and a course she directed me to I have big dreams to achieve outside of the force in my future such as higher education, volunteering/charity work, international work, languages and my ultimate goal to work for the UN at some point in my life. I would not have considered this as a realistic goal without her information, support and encouragement.